Sticky Brand Lab Podcast Interview

Thank you again to the Sticky Brand Lab podcast for having me as their guest and putting together these audiograms for my two part interview.
To hear more about me, why you and this work matters to me and so much more – you can find Episodes 151 & 152 on Apple Podcasts and all the other major platforms, as well as on the podcast landing page of their website – https://www.stickybrandlab.com/podcast

Gretchen Skalka teaches struggling professionals to harness the power of self-command to build healthy relationships, reduce conflict, improve productivity and create more opportunity.

She uses science-backed personal assessment analysis, positive habit formation strategies and techniques to help my clients turn even their most challenging situations into opportunities.

She specializes in helping women at career crossroads take command of their lives with confidence, ease and flow. But, because her method is universally applicable, she is able to help anyone find success, satisfaction, peace and, yes, prosperity.
Individuals, groups, teams and businesses. 

She is the founder and owner of Career Insights Consulting, a strategic consulting practice specializing in career and personal leadership development.

A recognized expert in leadership, team dynamics, talent nurturing and retention, Gretchen leverages the blended frameworks behind her mental fitness training and her exclusive RAM Thinking method to combine insight and information with implementation to create positive change that lasts a lifetime.

Gretchen SkalkaHaving coached private and corporate clients since 2009, Gretchen understands that change – no matter how necessary – is something most people fear just enough to just stay right where we are. Stuck. Because no matter how much we might dislike or even hate our current situation, at least it’s familiar.

Importantly, Gretchen has critical insights about mindset, confidence and resiliency from her extensive personal experience overcoming adversity, including her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, her niece’s suicide, separate catastrophic events with both parents, her husband, her house blowing up – and more.

Through her work in corporate leadership and strategic career and personal leadership development, Gretchen has become a thought leader in the space. Her advice has been featured on several podcasts, livestreams and publications, including INC.com, Business Management Daily, Recruiter.com, NBC News, The Forage, Fairygodboss, along with her own show, The Plight Attendant.

Gretchen’s professional training includes the Positive Intelligence PQ® curriculum, High Performing Coach, CGRSC and Louise Anne Maurice, and her undergraduate study and degree from Auburn University. She started her professional journey as an award-winning newspaper reporter, then editor, then digital content writer and digital marketing manager. For the last decade before devoting her work fulltime to coaching and consulting, Gretchen established and led the Content and Creative Services marketing team at TBC Corporation, a 10,000+ person multinational company.


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