Sylvie Schingh

Gretchen was amazing! She was thorough, professional, thoughtful, and empathetic. She delivered a quality project and did not stop. She came back with further enhancements and continued and still continues to support. Her approach is spot on. She is a wealth of knowledge and has great insights.

Sylvie Schingh
testimonial from client Susie Meltzer

In my professional opinion, Gretchen’s skills are unrivaled.

I also appreciated her quick turn and her ability to take our discussions and put those words, in summary, on paper.

I would highly suggest Gretchen Skalka — entry to exec!

Susie Meltzer
Rima Feliciano

The experience working with Gretchen has been very rewarding. I have learned so much from her insight.

She has a creative and patient way about her when it comes to making improvements and suggestions. I cannot thank her enough; she has been a great resource for me.

Rima Feliciano


Gretchen is wonderful to work with. She handles problems with ease and always has great suggestions on how to handle situations. I love working with Gretchen because she looks at the whole picture and doesn’t just focus on one aspect.

Sarah Ovathanasin

Gretchen is a breath of fresh air. She sees the opportunity in every engagement. With a high level of integrity and an even higher level of compassion, Gretchen always has her eye out for growth opportunities. Gretchen is someone who can be counted on.

Kathy Moore

No matter what question, Gretchen always found a way to resolve it. I find that she was and still is a mentor.

Shelly Forde

Gretchen brings a fresh, inspired, approach that breaks through the clutter like nothing I’ve ever seen!

Noah Bate

I would be hard-pressed to find a better team leader, mentor, and overall good person than Gretchen. I learned a lot from her on how to work with a large team and how to treat people the right way.

Joe Teixeira

Gretchen is a leader by example. She understands how to identify and grow talent. Gretchen cares about the greater good. Without question I’d hire her again for just about role. She is that good!

John Capriotti


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