Graduation Career-Launch Gift Set

Graduation Gift Set

You're On Your Way!

Give yourself or your grad a career-launch leg up!

This personalized graduation gift set includes:

Career Documentation Services:
Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Optimization

Career Coaching Services:
6 Hours of Career Coaching in three (3) 120-Minute Career Coaching Sessions

Product Details:

Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Optimization + 6 Hours of Career Coaching 

Career Documentation/Presentation Bundle


  • We will take the job-related information you have, edit it and create an ATS-friendly (Applicant Tracking System) document in one of three formats (chronological, functional or hybrid). This document will become your foundation resume.
    • We’ll add a breakout section for featured or key skills and create a professional summary.
      • The foundation resume is not the resume you submit, but it’s your baseline. Think of it as a personal resume buffet, from which you can select the work experience relevant to the opportunity. Creating this document and keeping it updated means never having to start from scratch – no matter the opportunity.
  • From the foundation document, we craft customized resumes tailored to specific opportunities of interest.
    • This provides an instant visual as to the foundation and what’s most important to emphasize on the resume you submit.
  • Training and a takeaway checklist will be provided showing you how to keep your foundation resume current and tailor it to every opportunity.
  • This article can give you more information about the importance formatting plays in making sure your resume is read.

Cover Letter:

  • In addition to cover letters being a requirement for many positions, they are also particularly important for recent graduates who may not have deep professional or relevant work experience to highlight on their resume. The cover letter is the perfect complement to your resume because it gives the candidate space to tell a specific, personal story directly relatable to the opportunity at hand.
  • Cover letter training includes:
    • How to – Format and Write (Address, Start, and End) the cover letter
    • Training – Deconstructing and decoding the job opening to identify your cover story


  • Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume and the perfect place to establish your professional presence to more than 740 million people (including more than 40 million students and recent graduates) across more than 200 countries.
  • Optimizing your profile and networking skills helps you stand out among millions and rank higher on search all while building your professional network and personal brand.
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization includes:
    • URL and keyword management
    • Profile and banner image selection, editing and naming
    • Headline/Title and About research and writing
    • Getting Endorsements and Recommendations
    • Adding sections, block rearranging
    • Multimedia inclusion
    • Personalized technical how-to checklist
  • LinkedIn Networking consulting includes:
    • Current network outreach
    • Making new connections
      • How to write new peer and warm connection requests
  • How to respond when:
    • You get a job opportunity via LinkedIn message
    • You want to decline an opportunity
  • Article, post, response writing and cadence

Three (3) 120-Minute Career Coaching Sessions

Strategy Session

  • Part 1: Career Pathing
    • Even when you know your ideal career or target market, career path coaching opens thinking and creates opportunities for career advancement and satisfaction. This session uses the 5-step career development model to create a personal roadmap.
  • Part 2: Skill Growth
    • This session uses learnings from Session 1 to map specific skills important for each step of the personal career pathing process and create the growth blueprint.
  • Part 3: Job Search
    • Career Strategy Session 3 is a ‘pursue or pivot’ discussion based on the outcomes of Sessions 1 & 2.
  • Part 4: Networking
    • The networking session is where we complement the mechanics of networking from the Documentation bundle with confidence coaching to take the angst out of what is, for many, an uncomfortable form of outreach.

Readiness Session

  • Part 1: Personal Preparedness Evaluation (PPE)
    • PPE is an important assessment because it helps reveal graduate employability based on the Graduate Capital Model, which emphasizes the role the following forms of ‘capital’ or resources that provide the benefits and advantages critical for work readiness:
      • Human Capital
      • Social Capital
      • Cultural Capital
      • Identity Capital
      • Psychological Capital
  • Part 2: Mindset Management
    • Rooted in mental plasticity, this session focuses on continuous learning, human connection and personal growth.
  • Part 3: SWOT Analysis
    • This exercise helps make the most of what/who you are to maximize your opportunities by probing specific topics related to your:
      • Strengths
      • Weaknesses
      • Opportunities
      • Threats

Interview Session

  • Part 1: Preparation
    • Pre-Interview
      • How to research the company, interviewer, opportunity
      • How/Why to prepare for standard/expected questions
      • Why these questions are asked
      • What employers are looking for in your answers
      • How to build your own question list
      • How/Why to interview your interviewer
  • Part 2: Live Interview
    • Interview format breakdown and how to prepare
    • Conversation starters
    • Easing awkward pauses
    • Confidence builders
  • Part 3: Interview Follow-Up
    • Interview Process A-Z Review
      • Your role
      • The interviewer’s role
      • The company’s role
    • Timetables and Triggers
      • Patience and avoiding confidence-destroying behaviors
    • How Tos
      • How to (when and how often) follow-up
      • How to say thank you
      • How to accept/decline an offer
      • How to handle rejection

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