It’s all about alignment

I don’t like sleeping in (sleeping late or whatever you call it).
I don’t like it – at all.
The hubster’s a huge fan of it and he is always telling me to do it as a ‘reward’.
But it doesn’t FEEL rewarding to me.
It just makes me feel frustrated and behind as soon as my feet hit the floor.
That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.
It’s just not MY thing.
Sleeping late is no different than so many other things that some people swear by and others want to swear off.
Again, not a bad thing.
Just part of being human.
Part of being in alignment.
And that ain’t woo-woo – it’s how life works.
Or … doesn’t.
If you’re aligned with something – you FEEL good about it (or with it or because of it, etc.).
In fact, that’s the best way I know TO know if I’m in alignment – with anything.
How it makes me FEEL.
For me, alignment makes me feel happy, fulfilled, consistent, content, connected, at ease, in flow, energetic.
Just – right.
Alignment just feels – right.
Even when circumstances and conditions are bad.
Even when they’re so bad I have trouble remembering when they weren’t.
Even then.
Especially then.
Alignment is possible.
I’ve thought about this.
A lot.
Especially lately.
I was feeling very much out of alignment – like I’m not where I’m supposed to be (figuratively and quite literally as evidenced by our move).
I’d gotten so inside my own head about frustrating, sad, downright crappy, not-what-I-want things that were happening that I forgot that – HOLD UP! – I’m actually the one in command!
Not circumstance.
Not geography.
Not other people.
I’m the boss of me.
I get to choose how to be, respond, feel.
Because I have the power to bring the hell-naw to stress and struggle.
Because I have the ability to regain and retain self-command as CEO of myself.
Because I know how to get back in alignment and back to the business of feeling good about me.
And you do, too.
Even if you never have before.
Getting off-track is simply an invitation to get back on.
Finding alignment is one of the keys of self-command at the heart of the Master The Moment Mastermind, announced in my August Newsletter last week.
It’s an opportunity to maximize rapid advancement in self-command – a critical area of personal growth and professional success – in a friendly, supportive small group setting.
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings
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September’s Cohort 1 is already full (IKR?!?), but early enrollment is open for Cohort 2 starting in October (link in comments).
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