Why purpose is more important to your success than passion

What’s more important – purpose or passion?

Trick question.

It’s purpose – of course.
That succinct, focused ‘why’ that motivates you to reach your potential.

Put down the pitchfork.
Purpose and passion are both important.

Passion’s a great tool and can absolutely help you find your purpose – which is the only thing that will ultimately get you where you want to go.

Purpose is Impact

Now, if the word ‘purpose’ is challenging (or even irritating) for you, that’s ok. This happens with most words or concepts that get overused and abused over time.

purpose impact and the Golden CircleTry thinking of purpose and impact as one and the same.

😀What is the impact you want to have – on yourself, in your work, with others?
😀What feeling do you want to have as you go through your days?

How do you create a fulfilling life? One where who you ARE and what you DO are so intrinsically bound that each fuels the other, providing a constant source of energy and motivation to keep going?
You get clear about your purpose because that’s where it become real clear, real quick what type of work will give you the most opportunity for success.

Purpose = Impact = Why

It does not matter what you call it.

All that matters is that you know what it is for you.

When do your memories start?

Mine start around the age of 6.

My mom was a GREAT cook, but she couldn’t prepare bass to save her life. She knew one way to make it and it was godawful.

For years, it was the only fish dish she made, and we dreaded it.

Bass with the skin on, baked with tomatoes and bread crumbs.
🎣It looked fishy.
🎣It smelled fishy.
🎣It tasted fishy.

My parents did not ask us to eat it because in the Skalka house it was understood that only empty plates would be taken back into the kitchen.

However long it took to empty that plate was how long it stayed right there in front of you.

My little sister, Kirsten, would cry, kick and scream just looking at it.
Jennifer, my older sister, would try mash it up with everything else on her plate to cover the taste.

Neither strategy was successful.

So I figured out a trick we used to make it 👀look like we were eating it without actually putting any of it in our mouths.

Just knowing we had a plan ‘bass night’ was a huge relief.

The plan was successful.

It didn’t fool mom one bit – no way.
But ‘bass night’ DID go bye bye not long after.

As far back as I can remember, helping people get what they want (even if it’s to avoid what they don’t) has always been my thing.

What about you?

What’s your purpose? Your impact? Your why?

🎉If you’re not sure,  you can download a fun little purpose worksheet right here.


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