How mindset impacts your success

Mindset impacts success

Your mindset impacts success – it also impacts failure.

  • What do you want?
  • What do you believe is possible for you?
  • What do you spend most of your time doing?

The way you answered those questions offers a glimpse into how much success you can expect.

This is because the answers speak to either a growth or fixed mindset.

Mindset impacts success

If you have a growth mindset, it means you see opportunities to expand your abilities.

A fixed mindset, on the other hand means you feel the opportunities for expansion are limited.

The distinction is important because mindset gives us the ability to change how we view what we do and what we consider success or failure.

If you think of the job your mindset has like an interpreter, you can see the impact it has on your perception of the things happening around you.

Think back to the Pandemic lockdown.

Who do you know who lost weight, got a new certification or took up a new hobby?

Those are real-world examples of people operating from a growth mindset able to interpret the situation or event – in this case the literal shuttering of the outside world – as an opportunity to reframe the situation to create something new.

Can you think of two people you know who handled a layoff, promotion rejection, divorce or even traffic jam differently?

My guess is you know exactly which one has the growth or opportunity mindset and which has the fixed or victim mindset.

Mindset and RAM Thinking

These are all examples of RAM thinking – where the mindset we have is what influences the actions we take that create the reality/results we get.

And this can be applied to every area of our lives.

What evidence can you see in your own life of mindset impacting success?

Make it fun!

It doesn’t take much to shift your mindset – and it’s ok to get a little help if you need it!

Check out how you can use these 6 things to improve mindset – right now.


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