Where does happiness show up at work?

๐Ÿค”Are you happy at work?

Where does happiness show up at work?

It doesnโ€™t matter if you hate your work or your boss is a jerk.

Happiness is there.

Sure, it might seem like itโ€™s playing a mean game of hide and keep frigginโ€™ hiding on you, but itโ€™s there.

Iโ€™m my own social proof (and so are you, you just may not know it yet).

Happy at work > Lean in / Lean on

A faulty power line destroyed our house in 2018.

Suddenly homeless and very quickly financially strapped – happiness wasnโ€™t real high on my list of things to find.

Itโ€™s easy to lose sight of it when you still have to pay the mortgage on an unlivable structure, along with coming up with first/last/security on apartments you have to move from every few months and, oh yeah bonus – hire a lawyer.

๐ŸฅบCha-ching-fueled anxiety to what feels like infinity.

At the same time, I was as a Marketing Director, managing a department of a couple dozen folks and leading about three times as many projects.

I was physically and emotionally exhausted on a bone-deep level.

But I was still happy at work!

Happiness showed up for me at work for two reasons:

  1. I was able to lean in โ€“ immerse myself in the work.
  2. I was able to lean on โ€“ the people around me for support.

There are always parts of a whole we donโ€™t prefer.

That one colleague who tries to stir the pot, meaningless tasks or time sucks we canโ€™t avoid.

Those parts donโ€™t matter.

What matters is recognizing the parts that do.

โ€˜Where attention goesโ€™ โ€“ that whole thing, you know.

Nothing against Marketing or any particular product, but I looked forward to my work because I looked forward to being with the people I was working with.

Even with my life completely unraveled, having literally ONE outfit to my name and looking like a living Poor Pitiful Pearl doll every day (worth a Google) โ€“ I looked forward to my work because I looked forward to being with the people I was working with.

๐Ÿ‘†This๐Ÿ‘† is a feeling I wish for everyone everywhere forever.

The energy, the purpose, the commitment I had were directly tied to the connection I had with them.

People are my jam.

Whatโ€™s yours?

Thatโ€™s important.

Happy at work > The Spillover Effect

This is a term used in psychology circles to explain why strong emotions โ€“ like happiness โ€“ in one part of our lives often spills over to other parts.

When things are rocking right along at home โ€“ the work feels better.

When things are humming at work โ€“ our personal lives feel more โ€˜in placeโ€™.

(The opposite is also true).

Itโ€™s part of the reason itโ€™s so tough to cut off parts of our lives from each other.

Wherever you are โ€“ at work, home, the grocery store, in line at the DMV – your happiness is there.

If youโ€™re not sure this applies to you, tell me what moves you? Whatโ€™s your jam?

Your happiness is there.

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