Start with you – and everything works out

There is a fundamental piece of information for our success that is missing – and NO expert, guru, crystal ball or Farmer’s Almanac can give it to any of us because they don’t know it.

It has to start with you

Plans, systems, hacks, tips, tricks and strategies ONLY work if they work for YOU.

Cold calling and cold DMing was something I was told I MUST do as a new business owner, but I’d never had to before and when I tried it literally felt like I was peeling off my own skin.

There’s a reason for that – and it goes back to understanding how I operate, WHY I do, what conditions I’m working with and so on and so on.

If it doesn’t start with you

If it’s not FOR you – you WILL NOT implement it the way someone else designed it to work – for them.

Tried it? Got hurt banging your head against a brick wall trying to shoehorn YOU into THEIR method?

Yup – me too.

Been there, done that.


YOU have to start with you

It all comes down to you.

No matter what you do – ever.

It ALL comes down to YOU.


If YOU don’t know:

  • how YOU operate
  • why YOU operate the way you do
  • why YOU default to certain behaviors
  • why YOU have those autopilot reactions ONLY YOU have to certain things and so on and so forth …

ALLLLL of the expert, guru, friend, family, or Magic 8 Ball advice in the world won’t won’t bring success for you.

And thinking it will is just another reason people give up, get super cynical, build resentment and ultimately don’t believe they CAN have the life, business, relationships, career, etc. they really want.


Yeah, helping people with their stuff is what I do, but the reason it works is NOT because I have THE way that works for everyone or because I have something you don’t.

It works because YOU have the solution already – only no one ever showed you how to apply it before.



Good advice is only good if it’s good for you.

How do you know – it works.

If it doesn’t – YOU aren’t factored enough into it.


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