Why aren’t you celebrating?!

You have goals.

You’re taking steps; making strides.

But you’re holding your personal applause until you get to the finish line.


Celebrating the small steps is my surefire, ride-or-die, #1 way to make sure you GET to the finish line.

Most people (up to 92% – yikes!) give up on their goals because they don’t think they’ll reach them.; Which of course, is because they’re so focused on that one big kahuna end goal and aren’t celebrating the many micro-wins that pave the path to every big goal achievement.

Every goal reached is the results of a series of smaller goals reached.

What I’m celebrating

For example, right now I’m celebrating my YouTube channel getting accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.


But, honey – let me tell you that I’ve been celebrating it since the moment I created it 8 months ago – because it was THE last thing I ever thought I’d do.

Celebrating The Plight Attendant YouTube Channel

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, I forbade my family and friends from taking any pictures or videos that showed me in them. I was afraid my MS would be front and center – showing my physical decline over the years.

Gratefully, that hasn’t happened, but what did happen was a huge gap in the visual history of my life with the people I love (including myself).

I regret that.

So I started making videos as a way to help myself work through that worry.

And I continue making them because they help other people get through theirs.

It has helped me create more success and opportunity than I ever imagined – but only because I didn’t quit when it was hard, when no one watched or when I was embarrassed and scared to put myself out there.

Because I celebrated just doing it.

Don’t save your celebration! You earn it with every step forward!

What are YOU celebrating?

What could you be celebrating??

How can I help you celebrate?

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