Dude – check your RAM or you may be in BIG TROUBLE!

Do you check your ram

What’s going on with your RAM?

How do you know if you REALLY know what’s going on

🤔With yourself

🤔With your career

🤔With your business

🤔With your relationships

Check your RAM

I have to check in with myself




just to be sure I’m sure about what I think I’m sure about.

❓Don’t you?

  • How am I communicating?
  • WHAT am I communicating?
  • What am I hearing?

Uhhmmm, what are OTHER FOLKS hearing?


You KNOW we’re all out here taking actions and making decisions based on all of that! 😶

Intentional or not – it’s happening.

This is how perception becomes reality.

Oh, and also? … 🔥perception does NOT have to be true to become what we believe to be real. 🔥

Optical illusions such as Rubin’s vase or any of the crazy train filters people slap all over their selfies offer some examples of this concept.

One more time …

  • How are you communicating?
  • WHAT are you communicating?
  • What’s being heard?

Do you check your RAM (thinking)?

Actions ARE being taken and decisions made based on all of that.

  • Personal REALITY is the product of action.
  • ACTION is the product of mindset.
  • MINDSET is the product of belief.

And, of course, belief is the product of direct, indirect and observed experience – filtered through the lens of perception – it IS what you think.

In fact, it is everything you think about repeatedly.

This is the foundation of RAM Thinking.

How healthy is your RAM??🐏

Download the workbook and find out!


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