How are you positioning yourself to get what you want

Are you positioned to get or receive what you want?

Which would you rather – get or receive what you want?

How are you positioning yourself to get what you want??

To GET it?

or to RECEIVE it?

Would you rather get or receive what you want?

There is a big difference between those two.

Sure, the dictionary and thesaurus both say you can replace receive with get, but the reverse is not true.

That’s because receiving requires action from something or someone outside of yourself, while getting is always you-led (and focused) – more of a taking, if you will.

This applies to everyone, everywhere, regardless of role, status, age, race, gender, shoe size, lactose tolerance, etc.

Read the initial question again – but this time try to do it from the perspective of the person, customer, client, employer, loan office – whoever it is you want something from.

Which is better: To get or to receive what you want?

Which position makes the person most attractive?

  • Someone looking to get something from you?
  • Or someone looking to receive something from you?

One conveys a transactional relationship.

One conveys a mutual relationship.

Which one would you rather be in?

Now, look at how you’re positioning yourself.

Are you conveying that you want to get something or that you want to receive something?

Now, look at your results.

Have you gotten or received anything that you wanted?

The reason is in your positioning.

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