Confidence or Esteem – which is more important?

Confidence and Esteem

Confidence or esteem?

When it comes to the ‘self’ – which is more important?


I often see these two terms used interchangeably, and thatโ€™s unfortunate.

Because, while there are areas of significant overlap, confidence and esteem are not the same.

Confidence or Esteem

The presence or absence of one does not guarantee the same of the other.

In fact, is entirely possible to be confident in our abilities but have low self-esteem.

So, which is more important?

โ–ธ Self-esteem – the internal lens through which we view our โ€˜selvesโ€™?
โ–ธ Or self-confidence โ€“ the external lens through which we view our abilities, skills, knowledge?

A career banker looking to change careers could be incredibly confident in their financial ability, skill, knowledge, while simultaneously dealing with esteem issues related to (and wholly independent from) their professional qualifications.

Someone whoโ€™s recently received a promotion could have equally strong feelings of esteem and confidence that are tested by the change (however welcome).

Self-esteem is not found in our abilities, but it can impact our confidence in them.

Confidence in our abilities is influenced to a degree by our self-esteem, but it can exist independently.

I think of self-esteem as the reputation I have with myself and self-confidence as the reputation I have with the world.

What about you?

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