How good are you playing the hand you were dealt?

“Sometimes we just want to play with the hand we’re dealt with, and see what we can do with it.” – David Ketchen

Listening to his commentary on everything from 🎨painting techniques, ☕coffee, #LinkedIn strategy and 📹DIY studio setups as his portrait of Jagatheeswari S came alive – it’s clear that his new #YouTube channel (David Ketchen – Pastel Art) is a classroom.

Tune in for the ‘becoming’, stay for the lessons.

The hand you were dealt

“Sometimes we just want to play with the hand we’re dealt with, and see what we can do with it.”

👆This is a powerful perspective.

It IS a life lesson.

Because it’s about accepting, allowing and advancing what IS.

The hand you were dealt IS what is.

Concepts that can be incredibly challenging in environments that champion competitive comparison, but that’s what makes it so powerful … and difficult.

Our lives are the sum of many parts.
Societal pressure, personal beliefs, values, opinions, priorities … all of it leads to what I call RAM thinking.

Our Results (life/reality) come from our Actions (choices/decisions) which are informed by our Mindset (the lens through which we see ourselves).

The hand we’re each dealt – our present circumstances – are ours and ours alone. And we each get to make of them what we will.

There is no debate that how well we play our hand is how we strategically position ourselves to reach our goals, pursue our passions, live the lives we dream of, achieve success.

Or not.

Wishing the cards were different or better is a waste.

Learning how to play them – to use what we have – is ALL we have.

Every day can be a new lesson if we want it to be.

How absolutely cool😎 is that?!

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