What to do when your boss interrupts you

Does your boss interrupt you in casual conversation or official meetings? 
Did you know that every time that happens it’s an opportunity for YOU to lead them by teaching them how to lead you.

It’s true!

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You CAN teach your boss how to lead the way YOU want

When someone interrupts you – do this!👇

1. respond in the moment – never after the fact

2. focus on the point you were making – not the interruption

3. be enthusiastic about making your point – when you’re upbeat, others will match your energy

4. be respectful and professional

5. be inviting

What does that look like?👀

When someone interrupts you, you can say

“Hang on, just a sec, you’re gonna want to hear this”


“Oh, hold that thought until I finish mine because I really want to hear what you think”

👆 Can you see how natural it can be to invite them back into the conversation after you’ve politely asked them to leave (basically told them respectfully and professionally to STHU)?!

To put the hammer down on interruptions, just make sure you are focused on your point, enthusiastic about it, respectful and professional to everyone AND -> always invite the person who interrupted you back into the conversation.

The next time anyone interrupts you – try to look at it as an opportunity, not an annoyance.

If you’re consistent, over time the interruptions will happen less and less and may disappear altogether!

And now you – what’s your go-to move for handling interruptions?

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