why personal development is important at work for women

Why personal development is important at work for women

Personal development is important at work for women because it speaks directly to mindset.

It’s a mind game.

Everyone knows the benefits of personal development at work and beyond are virtually unlimited.

Growth and motivation mindset, advanced skill sets, increased productivity, improved recall, enhanced relationships, strengthened self-control, and on and on and on.

No one has ever or ever will dispute this – or the tangible results personal development produces.

Imagine a groundbreaking CEO, a brilliant industry leader or cutting-edge inventor.
Who came to your mind?

Cultural Conditioning and Personal Development for Women

If the image your mind flashed was that of a man, you know that personal development for women at work and beyond is, well, different.

Don’t feel guilty or shamed.

A large reason for this is the clear cultural conditioning for women to be, do and give 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚 to be seen as worthy of recognition or advancement.

And that one simple sentence earlier illustrates just how pervasive that conditioning can be.

  1. Have you ever run up against ‘prove it again’ bias?
  2. Have you ever watched a knock-off of your great idea get a greenlight?
  3. Have you ever been congratulated on your luck regarding an achievement?

Like it, lump it, but make your mind up to it.

Personal development is a mind game.
And the rules are different for women.

The good news is that we each write our own rulebook.

Or we can – if we know where to start.

Personal Development for Women

Personal development isn’t really about improving.
It’s about revealing.

A deconstruction of the notion that worthiness comes from external accomplishment, and an understanding of the fundamental truth that our inherent worthiness that makes external accomplishment possible in the first place.

You have inherent worthiness.

Does it feel uncomfortable to say it?
Does some part of it ring untrue?

YOU have inherent worthiness.

It is the wellspring of your genius, strength and wisdom – gifts only you can give.

If they’re difficult to access (or believe exist at all) – it’s time for the toughest, most important personal development regimen you’re likely to ever tackle.

Shifting your mindset.

Are you part of the same culturally conditioned hive mind that first pictures a man in important or powerful positions?

Do you picture personal development as doing or being something different or better?

Shifting our mindset helps us recognize personal development for what it is – an enrichment process.




the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.
“enrichment of the soil for more plant growth”


Does this mean you shouldn’t take that class, watch that online course or join that program?

What say you?

Are they part of worthy-mindset development – to enrich you rather than change you?


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