How to use visualization to improve difficult relationships

Improve tense relationships with this simple lifehack

Visualization is a quick hack to get past that 😖😠🤬 feeling you’re having at a primary button-pusher in your life.

But how?

How to use visualization? Be childish

No really, it works!

Anytime you’re feeling disconnected, frustrated or angry with someone, start by visualizing yourself as a child.

Can you sense your personality?

Your excitement at every new thing that came into your experience?

Can you remember what it felt like to meet other kids for the first time?
To be held by someone who loved you?
To be accepted?
Cared for?

Now visualize the other person as a child of about the same age.
In the days before we learned to judge each other – and ourselves.

How much we all had in common at that age.
How much we all wanted the same things.

We understood each other.
What we wanted.
What we needed.

That kind of understanding – that empathy – is something we all want that for ourselves.
And guess what …

We want it for other people too.
And the best part …

We can provide it!

How to do it

The next time you find yourself faced with a person who pushes all of your buttons – try this technique.

Visualize yourself as a child.

Better if you have an actual photo you can use.

Picture yourself at that age, maybe meeting new people for the first time or remembering how good it felt to laugh – at absolutely nothing in particular.

Now visualize your button-pusher as a child of the same age.

Picture them getting a hug, clutching their favorite toy, giggling over a silly sound someone made.

Just as the essence of you at that early age is with you every day – the same is true of the other person.

Visualization makes it exactly that possible to transport yourself from angered to empathetic by improving your mindset by building empathy for yourself and the other person.


Tell me – have you ever tried it?

Would you consider it?

Photo: A picture of me, at 4 months old, being held by my maternal grandmother. She is cradling my head in her left hand. We are looking directly at each other and smiling.

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