Mindset Fitness – what are you feeding your brain?

Mindset Fitness - what are you feeding your brain

What is mindset fitness?

It starts with taking a look at 🥦what you’re snackin’ on.

Mindset Fitness: Mental Nutrition

🧠What are you feeding your mind?

If you’re super thrilled with your current state of affairs, this is not your post.

But if even the smallest part of you hungers for something else, this is for you.

Because nothing has to stay the way it is.

I’ll say it again.

Nothing that you are unhappy about has to stay the way it is.

💪And you have the power to change it.


You did yesterday.

You do now.

You will tomorrow.


Too often, that sweet relief (change) you want falls flat on its frustrated face for one main reason:

Not partnering information with the right kind of implementation.

The plan. The #strategy. The system and accountability structure critical to staying on task, on goal and tracking to #success.

😃Imagine what it would be like to stay calm, stress-free, and positive – even when everything feels like it’s falling apart. YES – then.

What becomes possible for you

  • in your career
  • in your relationships
  • in your finances
  • for your future
  • for your life 

Mindset Fitness – The Winning Formula

Willpower, won’t power, motivation, can-do attitudes, power of positivity, law of attraction – yup, yup, all groovy parts of the ever-important whole of YOUr #mindset.

It’s the thing that determines what action you do or don’t take to get what you want (or not).

Not A thing.

The ONLY thing.

Unhappy with ANY part of your life?

Check your RAM

Results/Reality = Action + Mindset

Adds up every time.



Check back with me in 1 month, 1 year or tomorrow – you’ll still be in the same spot, but probably a skoach more stuck and frustrated

You don’t have to be.

Consider for a moment – everything you can achieve when you are no longer at the mercy of situations that cause you to lose your temper, sleep, people and opportunities important to you.

Lack of self-command is costly.

If you’ve tried this way or that way and gotten results that evaporated quickly – you got sold some bogus, broken down baaad math, my friend.

Results/Reality = Action

🚫THAT never adds up.

Because YOU are not part of that equation.

You will never change your life without changing yourself.

There is no shortcut.

What do you even think is possible for you?

⬆️That’s your mindset.

It can stand – arms akimbo – smack in the way of everything you want or it can help you MacGuyver your way to the promised land.

RAM FITNESS = Mental fitness training + my RAM Thinking method.

Solid math.

It is an unbelievably sane strategy combining two powerful personal development frameworks that produces serious results.


PHOTO: A picture of a brain as the umbrella part of a tree with one red apple hanging from it. Beside the re-imagined tree are the words BE PICKY! Feed your brain the good stuff. Underneath are the words RAM FITNESS: Mental Fitness Training + Ram Thinking. The Career Insights Logo is at the top of the image.

👋I’m Gretchen

👉I am a career and personal leadership development strategist on a mission to help women at career crossroads make hard decisions with confidence, ease and flow.

🎯Sane strategies. Serious results.

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