The job is not the answer to your problems – THIS is

The job is not the answer to your problems

The job is not the answer to your problems.

Your job can’t solve your problems. No.

But YOU can.

The job is not the answer to your situation

You can be homeless, in dire financial straits, wracked with fear – AND have a successful corporate career!


That was me in 2018.

😀I was running my own department as a marketing director at a large multinational corporation.

😖I was also homeless overnight after a faulty power line destroyed my home with my husband and I inside.

😖I was financially f*_ked – despite the big job, title and compensation – because
1️⃣ I still had to pay the mortgage on a house no one could live in.
2️⃣ We still had to live somewhere (can you say first/last/security over and over and over again?)
3️⃣ In situations like these – you absolutely have to hire a lawyer.

😖I was emotionally exhausted, feeling for a time like I was living my life inside a tornado. No sense of safety. No sense of permanency. No sense of control.

*for a time*

The job is not the answer to your problems

👉 I decided to get real about this with you today because I am seeing WAY TOO MANY conversations centered around ‘the job as the answer’ to whatever problem is at hand.

  • NO job is the answer.
  • YOU are the answer.

I am living, walking, talking proof that you can have a great job and still have everything go wrong.

🛑Stop looking at your job as your safety.
🛑Stop looking at your job as your permanency.
🛑Stop looking at your job as your salvation.

Because even with it – guess what!


And what you get is what you make of it.

Instead – look to yourself. Because I am here to tell you that you can make whatever you darn well want of it!

No matter WHAT ‘it’ is.

✴️PS: You NEVER have to do it alone. No one does. Family, friends, colleagues, total strangers (now friends) – AKA your network are all there to support you.

A photo of a 5-inch thick set of pages marked with colored tabs that say Mediation, Estimates, Expenses, Incident Reports, Appraisal, Correspondence, Lawsuit Filing. These are the pages filling the binder that served as my master planner during that time.

👋I’m Gretchen

👉I am a career and personal development strategist on a mission to teach you to find what you love without losing yourself in the process.

🎯I create sane strategies that produce serious results.

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