Opportunity is always available – not just on New Year’s

Everyone looks to the new year for a redo, but opportunity is available any time.

It’s human nature – & perfectly fine – to love renewals, fresh chances & clean slates, and to look to the new year to capitalize on them.

But, it’s also perfectly fine to see those opportunities in every day, not one particular day of the week, month or year.

When is the time to look for opportunity

Always Opportunity

Perfectly fine – & plenty smart!

At the end of 2018, I was at the height of my corporate career.

I was also at the height of homelessness after our house blew up a few months earlier.

I didn’t know it was even possible to be pulled in so many directions emotionally until those two worlds collided in my brain.

But that collision was the catalyst that helped me get crystal clear about how I thought about opportunity.

It’s exciting!


Because of the timing.

You can round something out & kick something off ANY moment of ANY day.

You get to choose when!!

Renewals, fresh chances & clean slates are available everywhere, anywhere – all the time.

If January 1 is your jam to close out & kick off – well, you do you!

If it’s December 31 or February 12 – you do you!

Because only TWO things that matter when it comes to closeouts & kickoffs:

  1. That you complete them.
  2. That you keep going.

That’s it.

Everything gets tricky, hard, murky & unrewarding at times.

Know when it changes?

Yup – when you (say it with me) KEEP GOING.

  1. Believe, visualize & realize.
    • This will keep you going because your mindset IS your compass, navigating you to your ultimate desire. It is as much a part of you as your fingerprint – & should be just as impossible to go through life without.
  2. Focus on the opportunities – NOT the overall outcome or final reward.
    • This will keep you going because you’ll realize opportunities (WINS!!!) are everywhere.
  3. See the fortune in failure.
    • This will keep you going because you’ll realize obstacles are only forks in the road, & you are building your dream with every challenge you overcome.
  4. Prioritize your plan – NOT what your family, friends, colleagues, competitors or anyone else says you should do.
    • This will keep you going because you’ll realize no one can define success for you once you’ve defined it for yourself by NOT living your life on someone else’s terms.

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