Here’s what ‘live and learn’ really looks like

Keep going.

👆That’s it!

In a nutshell, that’s what it looks like to not give up on yourself.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Wise words from Soren Kierkegaard most commonly stated as – live and learn!

You do NOT have to have it all figured out.
Because there is no ‘figuring it ALL out’.
Never has been.
Never will be.

😀Yes – set big goals!
😀YES – dream big dreams!!
But for goodness sake – take the pressure OFF yourself to have a plan for the entirety of anything (life, career, parenthood …).

Trying to force-fit your life in this way limits your potential, your choices, your success and your happiness.

Instead – start with this part – right where you are right now.
Plan for THIS part.
::: keep going :::

1️⃣ What are those big goals?
What is that big dream?
GREAT! You have a starting point.
::: keep going :::

2️⃣ Visualize yourself there.
::: keep going :::

3️⃣ Take stock of everything you’ve (lived and) learned so far.
What will you take with you – and what will you leave?
::: keep going :::

4️⃣ Get clear on your values and priorities.
⁜ The importance of these cannot be overstated – because they shape your views, opinions and beliefs which create the mindset that guides your life (the mindset from which you make decisions, take action and create the reality you live).
::: keep going :::

5️⃣ Make a plan.
✅For right now – which could be today, this week, this month or this year.
❌But not forever.
👉Success starts right now – at the beginning, not the end.

6️⃣ And, as things unfold and develop in THIS part – plan from that.

And keep going!

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