You know what is right for you

You’re not the boss of me!!!

Ever said that?

Maybe when you were a kid, standing – arms akimbo – in front of your mom, refusing to do something she wanted?

Most of us have.
And, it’s amusing, perhaps even a little nostalgic, to think back on the “before” time.

That’s what I call the days before someone else’s opinion of us became more important than our own.

🤨What school is the best for us.
🤨What we should study there.
🤨What job we should get.
🤨What job we shouldn’t quit (no matter how much it’s killing us).

You know what is right for you

🤨What title we should aim for.
🤨What salary is acceptable.
🤨What kind of house, car and clothes are appropriate.

Don’t even get me started on the more personal opinions.

But I don’t need to.
Because you know the drill.
Nothing here is new.

And neither is the feeling you get taking the mental inventory of the parts of your life – of yourself – signed over to someone else’s approval.

No matter how well-meaning others are (and most are extremely well-meaning, to be clear) – putting their opinion behind the wheel of any part of your life’s journey can lead to devastating results.

👉You know what is right for you.

And, as hard as it can be to honor it, staying true to yourself beats the alternative every time.

Years ago, a palliative care nurse (and author) named Bronnie Ware polled people facing imminent death to better understand their biggest life regrets.

💔The most common regret among every person she spoke to was knowing they would die having lived their life on someone else’s terms.💔


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You KNOW what is right for you.

The path might feel impossible.

But when you’re ready and you take that first step – the feeling begins to change.
And it gets stronger with every next step.

And that’s the journey.
To yourself.

YOU know what is right for you.
Go get it.

👋I’m Gretchen

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🎯I create sane strategies that produce serious results.

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