6 things to improve mindset – right now!

It doesn’t take much. Check out how you can use these 6 things to improve mindset – right now.

Mindset mindset mindset

Everyone’s talking about mindset because there’s just no debate that mindset plays a huge (enormous actually) role in the quality of our lives.

And shifting our mindset when it’s needed gives us enormous power to improve our lives.

THAT is huge.

Decreased stress, improved resiliency, happiness, satisfaction and health.

Yes, please!

6 Things To Improve Mindset

The best part about improving your mindset is that you don’t have to wait until it feels like everything’s going wrong to start making everything ohhh, so right.

Even IF you sleep through the alarm, get stuck in traffic or chip your nails – you can harness the power of your mindset anytime – how about right now?

Check out how you can use these 6 things to improve mindset – right now.

Wacky, silly, cool and fun things I’ve found that can help you stay positive while managing all of it.

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You’ve heard of mood lighting, but THIS is GOOD MOOD lighting – and it’s the first of 6 things to improve mindset on the list today.

Get all snuggly and tucked in bed, put on your favorite playlist and drift off to sleep by the soft light of this TowerTree Feather lamp with white feathers that cast a tranquil, warm glow across the room.

Perfect as a night light for bedrooms and dorms, as an accent at events like weddings and baby showers or for a cozy reading nook.

A lot of reviewers say they thought it would be bigger, but this cute accent piece still has more than 825 5-star reviews (at the time of publication), featuring comments like “This is as greatest buy. It looks just like the picture. It has a nice warm glow not that bright ugly white led look.”

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Our eyes tell us (and the world) a lot about how we feel, so it’s important to take care of them because feeling good about ourselves is a proven confidence-builder.

A great way to give yourself a boost in this area is by taking care of the skin around your eyes.

Soothing eye products do a big job on one of the most delicate parts of our bodies.

They nourish and hydrate, which is critical for the under-eye area where the skin is more sensitive because there aren’t as many oil glands or collagen as other areas of your skin.

Providing benefits like reducing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, under-eye patches are extremely popular – for great reasons – which is why they are the second on the list of 6 things to improve mindset for you today.

The Dermora 24K Gold Eye Mask – packaged in convenient travel-sized packs – these under-eye patches are a terrific way to give your eyes the spa treatment at home or on the go.

Sit or lie back in your favorite chair and put them right under your eyes. There’s no sticky adhesive to pull at your delicate skin, and you can feel a cooling while they go to work. Seriously, it feels good. After just 20 minutes, your eyes will begin thanking you for this self-care reward.

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It’s no secret that commuting and chillaxing aren’t always used in the same sentence – but they can be.

Chakra stones have been long believed to have unique healing properties corresponding to the body’s energy centers, which makes the iStone 7 Chakra hanging car ornament kind of a genius gift to help maintain feelings of balance, well-being and harmony.

The tumbled palm stones included are: Clear Crystal Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Yellow Jasper and Red Agate

Clear Crystal Quartz – out of the many stones well-suited to represent the third eye chakra, the clear quartz is a great choice here because it is known for nurturing overall well-being. Harmonizing all of the chakras, the clear quartz’ energy aligns with any frequency to support overall balance and healing – particularly important for the third-eye chakra, which is all about wholeness, inner wisdom, intuition and destiny.

Amethyst – directly associated with the crown or 7th chakra, amethyst is the perfect choice here since this the crown chakra is represented as purple, and is considered the energy and spiritual center (top of your head). Amethyst is associated with promoting higher consciousness, awareness and understanding.

Lapis Lazuli – an ideal stone for the throat chakra because it helps free and release repressed anger and increase self-awareness. Lapis lazuly is also renowned for its ability to enhance creativity, activate and balance energy and facility truer expression of self.

Green Aventurine – a great stone for chakra heart healing energy, the green aventurine promotes emotional well-being, help balance what we embrace or resist and are used to renew optimism, joy, and understanding.

Tiger Eye – if you’re looking for a boost to your courage, there’s no better stone than the Tiger Eye for the solar plexus chakra, which is also known for properties such as transmuting of toxic energy, clearing imbalance and increasing confidence.

Yellow Jasper – known as a healing stone, yellow jasper for the sacral chakra is another good luck stone associated with protection, energy and positivity.

Red Agate – perfect for the root chakra, red agate is a stone of strength. Also known as a good luck stone, Red Agate has been said to be helpful in balancing yin/yang energy.

This chakra ornament is third on the list of 6 things to improve mindset because it has more than 6 THOUSAND 5-star reviews with comments like “I feel protected when having this hanging on my rear view. It’s beautiful and eye catching. I rub on it everyday when commuting for safe travels.”

Reviewers also say it makes a great door-hanger, fan-pull and sun-catcher.

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Y’all, I almost just can’t with this one, it’s so cute – but that’s why it’s so great for shifting a negative mindset to a more positive one.

Look at that face!

This pillow is fourth on the list of 6 things to improve mindset and definitely gets a ‘seal of approval’ (I had to, you KNOW I had to.)

You want to just squish it! Which is great since it’s a pillow and all.

OMG – snuggle with this thing by the light of the TowerTree Feather Light and just ahhhhh your cares away.

It’s called the Chubby Blob Seal Pillow – how perfect is that name from MerryXD – and it has more than 8,000 5-star reviews featuring descriptions like super soft, more than expected, soft and squishy, worth the money and super cute.

I love this review titled Chonker for sleeping (chonker??)

“This blob seal was the best gift I’ve ever bought for my husband. I was traveling for work and we had an argument about which was cuter – baby cows and baby seals. Well, on a whim after the argument I bought him this as a gag gift. It arrived the same day I got back. Now on trips he scoops it up when I’m gone.”



Did you ever have a bad time blowing bubbles? Like, ever?


Because they’re amazing- and not just for kids.

Blowing bubbles is like perfect fun because you can spray ‘em in any and every direction and they don’t make any mess.

fifth on the list of 6 things to improve mindset is this bubble blaster from JOYIN 2 because it takes that fun and kicks it up about 10 notches. These battery-powered bubble guns come with two refills ready for kids, outdoor events and parties, birthdays, weddings, camping trips, holidays – I mean, seriously  – when isn’t a good bubble fight appropriate?

Kid-safe, skin-safe, non-toxic and meets safety standards – this bubble blaster gives ‘guns out, fun’s out’ new meaning – and your mindset a whole new ‘tude.

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Every day is a good day to have a good day when you have an inspirational support calendar to help you.

Make that day today with the last item on our list of 6 things to improve mindset.

Ryve’s Daily Flip Calendar features timely reminders about just how amazing you and the world around you can be.

And you don’t have to wait for the new year to get going. You can start and stay motivated right now with amazing reminders, like:

‘Practice makes progress’ and ‘Your problem isn’t the problem. Your reaction is the problem.’

And, as if a friendly daily reminder wasn’t enough to keep you going – this calendar comes with a code you can use to download a free goal-setting pack that includes a 12-week action plan.

You can use it to help keep your mindset on track and give it to your friends, coworkers and boss (hint hint) as holiday, birthday, workiversary or other gifts.

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