You’re not in control until you take command

You do NOT have control of anything – not one single thing – UNTIL you know how to take command.

Control and command are close, but not the same.

Self-command and self-control are like kissing cousins, BFFs, two halves of the same coin – but make no mistake.
They are NOT the same coin.

➡️CONTROL is the active part – the thing you’re doing or not doing.
➡️COMMAND is the AUTHORITY to make it happen – or more importantly to know when and how to STOP it from happening.

🎯Without command, there is no control.

And we’ve all been there.

Lack of command just FEELS bad.

That gnawing, wibbly, kind of🤢 soursick feeling you get because of something you did or said you just WISH you could take back … but you never can.

📲The text you WISH they’d kept on read.

📧The email that’s STILL keeping you up at night.

🗣️The comment you regretted the MOMENT you said it.

And let’s not forget about the things you didn’t – but should have.

😔The job you talked yourself out of going for.

😖Not asking for that raise or promotion.

🥺Telling yourself you don’t deserve what you want.

Here’s the truth – no one in your life will EVER treat you better than YOU treat yourself.
This means you are teaching everyone you meet how to interact with you by the way you treat yourself.

🙁 Giving yourself permission to fly off the handle at people or situations that get under your skin tells other people they don’t have to be careful about you or your feelings.

🙁Being part of gossip (receiving, giving OR being neutral) tells other people they don’t have to be careful about making YOU the topic of gossip.

🙁Not advocating for yourself (going for that job, that raise, that relationship, that move, that course – that thing that YOU want) tells other people they don’t have to advocate for you either.
(it also tells them you don’t value yourself so why should they)

This list can get crazy long.
Don’t let it.

How lack of command costs you

It’s more important than it has EVER been to learn to harness your ability to hold your own personal reins.

In these days of:
heightened anxiety
increased stress
and infamously short-fused patience …

OH YEAH — and let’s not forget:
cellphone recordings
social media
and those text messages you better believe people save

(and all of those keeping the evidence of your lack of self-command out there for all the world to see FOREVER)

… yeah – with allll of that, it’s no surprise that lack of self-command can lead to a lifetime of regret.

Broken relationships
Lost jobs
Drained bank accounts
And a whole lot worse.

We laugh when we see it on TMZ, but it’s not so funny when it comes back to bite us personally, is it?

If it’s something you’ve got room to talk about – hit me up or join one of my weekly workshop groups.


🙋‍♀️I’m Gretchen and I teach people how to reduce stress, improve performance and create more opportunity by using the power of self-command

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