Why ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’ just WORKS

check in with yourself

You are so screwed.

  • If you lose your job.
  • If you eff up your relationship.
  • If you tank that project you’re in charge of.

You will be screwed.

Won’t you!


Won’t you?


It’s a lie.

You’re not screwed if any or even all of those things (or more) happen.

Check in with your stress

You’re not screwed.

Not now.

Not one bit.

But right now, that doesn’t matter.

Because right now – in this moment, you legit 100% believe you will be – and it’s stressing you out.

Big time.

You need a check in.

Because most stress comes from fear.

Fear talk:
“If this ‘bad thing’ happens, that even worse thing will happen!”

Won’t it!


Won’t it?


It’s a lie.

You can actively (like right now, at any moment) turn any of those terrible, horrible all is lost fear-driven things  into opportunity.

Check in with your options

If you lose your job – you can use it as an opportunity to drill IN to what you really want to do and go HAM on that dream!
::: YOU have that option :::

If you eff up your relationship – you can examine the situation and convert that experience into a personal growth opportunity that you can channel all that good stuff you learned about yourself positively into a future relationship!
::: YOU have that option :::

If you tank that project you’re in charge of – you can use that as one heckuva great learning – and leading – opportunity by creating your own project retrospective and capture lessons learned that can be used as teaching points for your team, department or company to front-load success for future projects!
::: YOU have that option :::


Better yet – how about not stressing about any of it in the first place?!

Because you absolutely DO have THAT option.


Check in with your SELF (before you wreck yourself)

You can make a personal check in a practice.

You can subtly, easily, consistently make tiny shifts and course corrections that will help you avoid wasting so much time worrying about ‘what if’ and getting yourself all stressed out, maybe even a little panicky and waaaay more likely to overreact (or just react NOT in your own best interests).

Oh yes you can.

With the big ACKs all the way down to the smallest little ruh rohs.

And that is suuuuuper important!

Because life is FULL of ‘ruh roh’, ‘what if’ and ‘DAYUM!! Didn’t see that coming!’

And the clear, calm perspective you CAN develop allows you to deal with, solve for and recover from them waaaay faster!


::: cue Ice Cube circa 1994 :::

You check yourself before you wreck yourself

Check in and check up on yourself


Check IN with yourself when you’re stressed.

Don’t let IT take YOU over.
(Seriously – who’s in control here?!?)

Ask yourself what you’re really worried about.

  • Losing your job?
  • Breaking up?
  • Failing at work?


Check in with yourself and ask ‘ok, what’s the worst thing that could happen here?’

It NEVER takes us long to worst-case-scenario things.

But now (and this is where it gets good and life-changing), ask yourself – challenge yourself – to think of three ways you could turn that worst outcome into an opportunity.

It doesn’t take long to think of ways you can benefit from even the WORST of things happening.

All you need to do is allow yourself to consider the possibilities.

THIS is one of THE best ways to create the outcome you DO want – in any situation.


Try it.

Practice it.

And let me know how it’s going!


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